PRICE MATCHING..not just groceries

Price Match Everything You Can
Did you know you can price match appliances, and other items?
Big savings to be had by doing it if you find a good deal, plus some stores like Home Depot or Best Buy offer incentives to buy there like an additional 10% off.
Be careful with the 10% off. Best Buy’s 10% is only on the difference in the price not the full price.
Did you know Canadian Tire price matches?
Every Canadian Tire store is independently owned.
Not every store has the same prices as I found out last night on their website.
But, you can price match one Cdn Tire store to another just by going to customer service and letting them know what store you found the cheaper price at.
They will look it up to verify.
Always good to save, even if it’s only a little. It all adds up to big savings.

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