Price Matching Meat

Price Matching Meat


Meat is a difficult item to pm.
It used to be much easier, and then the stores started becoming more strict.

My local WM stores no longer pm any meat at all. There are some that still pm meat though.
But, there are still some stores that will pm meat.
I believe FreshCo, RCSS, and No Frills still pm meat without much difficulty.

At some you have to price match it by someone in the meat section.
Some will price match it right at checkout.

It should always be brand for brand, ie. Grade A to Grade A, Maple Leaf to Maple Leaf, Generic to Generic, Market Fresh to Market Fresh.
You can’t pm the $10 or $5 packs of meat to a per pound price match. In other words you have to pm the packages that are priced per lb/kg to the same kind of price match (per lb/kg).

So, kg to kg, same name brand to same name brand.
You can pm items like Hot Dogs, Pepperettes, etc., as long as it’s the same brand name as well.
And the conversion is 2.2 lbs per kg. when pm’g meat by the kg. vs. lbs.



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