PC Personal Offers vs. In-store Offers

It’s important to watch the difference between personal offers and in-store offers when it comes to checking out.

When there are in-store offers, you can shop many times for the item during the offer period and rack up points.

When you have personal offers, the offer can usually only be used once, then it is removed from your app and cannot be used again during that week that a sale might be on.

This makes a big difference when you have an item on your app which has two personal offers. This week the President’s Choice cookies were a great example. There were two personal offers for the cookies, and with a sale on the cookies, made them $.59 after points (if you include the points as part of the discount).

But, this is the tricky part. If you’re going to use a personal offer like this, buy as many as you want the first time you shop for an item like this because the offer will be removed after one checkout when purchasing an item that has a personal offer.

This works well when there is an in-store offer and sometimes there are item that have points valued at the same amount as the product, making the product free. It happens rarely but this is a great time to buy 5 or 10 of something, pay for it, then close off the transaction and buy another 5 or 10 (separate transactions) so that by the time you’re done, you’ve netted a completely free shop for one item that you were able to get points on, buy again with the points you earned on the first transaction, then again, until you’ve got the number of items you wanted.

Sometimes you’ll have to do a bit of math to calculate how to work this out, but the point of this tip is to know the difference between personal offers, and In-store offers and how to maximize your savings on each.

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