Packing your own Lunch

Packing your own Lunch

Savings from packing a lunch really adds up!

Let’s say there are 38 5-day weeks in a school year. If you give your child $10 once a week to spend on lunch, you’re looking at $380 over the course of the year. Do that 3x a week and you’re looking at $1140! If you did that for all 4 years of high school, that’s $4560; almost a year of tuition in some programs! This doesn’t even account for the younger years.

Yes, sometimes buying lunch is necessary, but when we can make lunches, particularly with couponed and price matches items, we can save big time!

Consider what you spend on lunches at work each week, add it up annually, and consider, is it worth spending this much?

For some, perhaps the networking you accomplish over lunch is worth the investment, but for others, eating take out just isn’t worth the annual price tag.

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