Only Buy What you Need

Only Buy What You Need

Only Buy What You Need or Will Use Within a Reasonable Time Frame

A common problem when first couponing is you get so many items for free or close to free that you tend to overbuy.
You might end up with a lot of some products that you won’t ever use up.

Some items like cleaning products, paper products, and laundry are good for a long time, but some canned goods, cereals, and pantry items are perishable at some point and in all honesty most deals are cyclical.

Freeze items that you’re able to, such as fresh herbs, and don’t let fresh vegetables go to waste. Blanche and freeze them if you can’t used them up before they’re no good.

By watching what you buy, using only what you need and using up what you have, you’ll save money.

Usually you can get most items every few months, so there’s no point in stockpiling 20 of one item when you can get them again in a few months with a newer expiry date.
Only buy what you need unless you have plans to give it away or share it so you’re not tossing a lot out. Donating is also a great idea!

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