International Food Aisle

The International Food Aisle

In many grocery stores across the country you will now find an entire aisle or more called International Foods or perhaps Ethnic Foods.

It you are like me this was an aisle I always skipped over when I went shopping.

I didn’t think there was any need to shop that aisle nor did I think I would find anything of interest. WRONG!

It was brought to my attention one day that it might just be worth my while to check out this aisle if saving money was my goal. You might be interested to know that a lot of products that you buy regularly can also be found in this aisle and most often at a MUCH cheaper price than you are paying now for national leading brands.

Here are just a few but certainly not all items to look for:

Spices-I have found many great deals on spices both for cooking and for baking.(Ground ginger, cinnamon, etc)
Canned Fruit-Lots of great deals to be found in this section. Some of the canned fruits in this section have become our preferred brands.
Dry lentils, navy beans, lemon juice, the list goes on and on.

Any of you out there use Kitchen Boquet when making gravy? In the Jamaican section there is a gravy browning liquid in a bottle that is not only a dead ringer for Kitchen Boquet but is less than half the price!!!!

So don’t be afraid…take some time to check out International Foods at your local grocery store. You may be pleasantly surprised and hopefully you will even enjoy some extra savings that you didn’t know were possible.

If you have found any money saving gems or even just great products in the international Food aisle where you shop please share with us in the comments. We always love to hear from our members…When you save we all save!

From all of us here at Canadian Savings Group have a wonderful day!

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