How to Stockpile

How to Stockpile

Stockpile the items that you can get for free or close to free to give you a substantial stockpile of items you’ll use. However, there’s no point stockpiling items that you won’t use.

It’s not worth it to stockpile items that cost you full price, unless there’s some value in it by stockpiling.

Possibly the price is expected to go up substantially. Stockpiling saves you purchasing these items later on in time at full price. By stockpiling them when they’re on sale or you have coupons for them, you’ll not only save yourself money down the road, but also save the time having to go out to purchase these items at a later date again.

This means you don’t have to buy these items week after week which saves you money on your groceries every week.

Here’s a shop that cost me $7.93. These are the kinds of items that I stockpile so my family can use them. And I save a lot of money doing this.

43 Kind bars regularly priced at $2 on sale for $.99 = $42.57
I used 43 $1 coupons (coupons reduced to $.99 at Metro) = free Kind bars
I printed 42 coupons from our Smartsource portal by printing on different browsers, and used 1 tear pad coupon (the tear pad coupon is 1 per customer)
7 Packages of Sponge Towels regularly priced at $4.99 on sale for $2.49 = $17.43
I used 5 $1.50 peelies and 2 $1 peelies making the paper towel $7.93 total or $.18 a roll (stock up price)!

Total savings $113.00

Once you’ve been couponing for a while you tend to only shop for what you’ll use and need and look for items to stockpile that you’ll pay very little for or get for free to save you money in the coming months.

Here are a few other stockpile shops just to see what’s possible in savings. Stockpile items you can get for free or close to free that you’ll use. This will save you big money not having to buy these items regularly and cut down on your grocery bill.

Another tip is to buy a similar item if it’s free or close to free. For example if the Glade small spaces product is on sale for free or close to free with a coupon or cash back, then buy those and use them instead of paying full price for another Glade product that you prefer. Not only will you save money but you’ll have a nice supply of product that you don’t have to continuously shop for. It also allows you to check out various other products you might have overlooked or not ever bought.

Don’t forget to look for coupons when shopping. You never know what you’ll find. Keep your eyes peeled for new coupons always.

By saving money on the items you use frequently, you can keep more money in your pocket for other things, bills, etc.

Some items you get for cheap or close to free can be put away for X-Mas gifts too!!





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