How to Search in Canadian Savings Group

Tip of the Day: SEARCHING CSG

Canadian Savings Group is set up to be user friendly, meaning you can search for everything within the group. We’ve had quite a few new members join recently. So it’s a good time to share how to search CSG as the tip of the day.
There are weekly threads for Hauls, Chat, Grocery Deals and more. All weekly threads are pinned in the “Announcements” along with the Pinned Post which has rules, guidelines and links to assist you further.
There is a search bar which is unbelievably useful if you want to search for something. In fact, admins use it several times a day to find what we need.
The photo attached will show you where to search and how. You will also see the Announcements button, where we put our weekly threads such as the Chat Thread.

Thank you

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