How to Get the Most Samples from Samplesource!

There are a number of multiple choice questions you need to answer in order to get your Samplesource sent out to you with sample products and coupons.

Each question asks you to select one and sometimes more than one to complete the survey.

The best way I’ve found to get the most samples, more than 10, and up to 18 in most cases is to select ‘other’ or a brand that they’re not giving out a sample for.

Samplesource is intended for you to TRY NEW STUFF!! Hence the name, Samplesource.

It’s a selection of samples and coupons to try brands to try and persuade you to change brands. And the best way to do that is give you a sample or a coupon to try a new product.

Usually the first samples given out don’t include everything, but as the morning goes on after Samplesource is LIVE, there are more samples added and then as they run out, less samples are available.

So get your Samplesource early, and don’t rush through your questions.


For instance, there may be a question about what kind of coffee you drink. There will be multiple choice answers such as Nescafe, Maxwell House, Presidents Choice Coffee, Kicking Horse, Gourmet coffee, or OTHER. The best answer to select is a brand other than 1850 since that’s one of the samples that Samplesource is providing this fall. You can select ‘other’ or ‘private label’ or ‘store brand’ as well, as long as it’s not the Brand in the Samplesource lineup.

Personally, I’d select Maxwell House, just so that all my answers aren’t ‘OTHER’ for every category.

If you do this for all the questions and answers, most likely they will offer to provide you with all the samples ‘YOU’VE NEVER TRIED BEFORE’ so that you can ‘SAMPLE THEM’.

There will also be questions like do you have pets. If you answer NO to these types of questions, you most likely won’t be asked what brands of cat or dog food or treats your pets like. Same issue comes up with babies or children. These would be samples you wouldn’t get then, unless you answer that you have pets, or you have a family member with a pet that you can share that sample with. This is entirely a personal choice.

Also, make sure your account is all set up, ready to go when you are, and your address, and information is all correct if you have changed addresses at all. It will just save you time and let you get right to it, so you can focus on the questionnaire.


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