How to Get Free Paper Towel!

It’s always a good idea to stock up when there’s a really good sale and you have a coupon, cash back or points offer for a product.

This week I got 15 packages of Cascade Paper towel for $14.86, and 11 packages for FREE!


Whenever there’s a great new HV (high value) coupon, check out the prices at your local stores, look for deals, sales, markdowns to maximize your savings!

It’s also always a really good idea to carry your coupons with you because if you spot a deal, you can use a coupon or multiple and you’ll be able to stock up!

Sometimes deals just jump out at you, markdowns, a store promotion, instore pricing, or clearance carts. Check out our post on Carry Your Coupons With You and why this is a good practice.

This week I lucked out at my local Zehrs store. The Cascades paper towel was on a full end cap and the aisle shelves with the price $3.99.

The best part of this deal is that the coupon is a PDF. which means it can be printed more than once.

If you haven’t got this great coupon yet, get it HERE 

I wanted to stock up on it because a deal like this doesn’t come around every day, so I went to more than one Zehrs so as not to clear any shelves.

One of the other Zehrs I went to had it on for $5.99, so I thought my local Zehrs probably had the same newer price. I grabbed 15 of them for $5.99, used 15-$5 coupons and paid $14.85 for 15 packs. Still under $1 a pack which is a great deal!

I decided to stop at my Zehrs just to check the price again, and found it was still on sale for $3.99. I got 11 there, and paid 0 for the paper towel and only paid the tax.

So, never miss printing a new coupon that comes out. You can get some great freebies that you’ll actually use, and stock up on. Also, always carry your coupons with you for when you do spot a great deal!

Here’s the breakdown


26 Packages Cascades Paper Towel

Shopped at 2 stores, so as not to clear shelves, and therefore the price difference.

15 @ $5.99 = $89.85 – 15-$5 coupons = $75.00 = $14.85 plus taxes

11 @ $3.99 = $43.89 – 11-$3.99 coupons (reduced/no overage) = $43.89= FREE plus taxes only


26 Packages Cascades Paper Towel Total = $133.74

26 Cascades coupons Total = $118.89

Net price after coupons for 26 packages = $14.85 plus taxes

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