How to Get Free Laundry Detergent!

Sometimes, the right deal comes along and you’ve been saving a coupon for that product, and that can make all the difference between getting something really cheap or free.

This week was a perfect example of how to get laundry detergent for free.

Although Purex hasn’t really been on sale at No Frills since the 50% coupon (below) came out, I’ve been looking for a good price where I could price match the deal at No Frills and use the coupon (NLA).

This week Zehrs and Loblaws had the correct size, 2.03L for $3.99 on sale in their flyers.

If you happen to have a No Frills near you, and you can price match at No Frills, simply use the flyer for Loblaws or Zehrs to price match the deal at No Frills.

The regular price of the Purex laundry detergent at No Frills is $7.99.

The price match amount is $3.99 (see ss (screenshot) below)

The coupon says 50% off Purex Laundry Detergent 2.03L.

50% is off No Frills in-store price as the coupon is a No Frills coupon and scanned at checkout.

Because I price matched it for $3.99, I expected the cashier to take off the appropriate $1.99 (50%) but she said no, the coupon is scanned at checkout, and automatically takes off half the price in their system and she couldn’t override it.

This meant free laundry detergent.

The coupon (NLA) is one per customer/family, so it can only be used one at a time, but if you have more than one, you can make more than one trip into the store and get free laundry detergent.

And if you don’t like Purex, keep your eyes open for other deals that may be cheap or free like this. Also, this coupon is NLA, but there are always good coupons and deals you can put together like this to save big money for your families.


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