How to Get Coffee for Under $.10 Per Cup!

Rarely will I buy K-cup coffee unless I can get it for around $.30 per cup.

Recently I realized that with a really good ground coffee deal, I can actually get a daily coffee for $.10 per cup after the initial outlay of K-cup refillable pods.

I found the refillable pods in Best Deals in Canada for $13.99 for a 6 pack, plus they do post a lot of great grocery deals in there, which have saved me money over the past few years.


This week, August 31 -Sept 6, there is an amazing deal on ground coffee. Zavida coffee which is regularly priced between $10.49-10.99 is on sale for $7.99. but there is also a points offer, if you buy one, you get 5000 points back, making it only $2.99 a bag!

Buy 2, cost $15.98. Get 10,000 points, redeem 10,000 points and you’ll pay $5.98 for 2 bags. Multiples of this coffee deal can be done if you want to stock up.

A coffee pod holds between 9-12g depending on how strong you want it. If I go with 10g, I can get 34 K-cups out of one bag. That works out to $.09 cents per coffee.

10g = 2 Teaspoons – this is an easy measurement to put into a K-cup daily, brew the coffee and enjoy your  $.10 coffee.

Currently, at $.30 for one coffee every day, I’m paying $109.50 a year on coffee.

By doing this, I’ll pay $32.00 per year for the same coffee every day. That’s a $77.50 savings just on coffee.

This works with any deal you get on coffee by making your own K-cup pods.

It probably sounds trivial and penny pinching, but I do the same with ink and other things. I refill my cartridges for a fraction of the price I’d pay for new ones. Small savings add up to bigger savings.

It’s the little things that add up to big savings. These days we save what we can where we can.

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