GARDENING – Starting Canna Lilies Indoors

Starting Canna Lilies Indoors

Well everyone, I think I can safely say that at this point we are all tired of the harsh winter weather and freezing cold temperatures.

So today, lets talk about something Spring related. We are going to be doing some planting.

Since it’s way too cold outside, it’s a great day to plant all the Canna lily tubers that we harvested last fall and have had drying out in the basement!!

It’s a very simple process and there are many different things you can start in this same fashion such as begonias, calladium etc.

What you will need:

1)Potting soil or black earth.

2)Pots to plant in.


Now, if your local grocery store sells flowers this a great resource to get pots to plant in.

They throw out tons of those black flower buckets and are more than happy to give them to you if you ask the florist!!!

This is what we use and they work great for this project. So then all you need to do is fill each bucket about 1/3 full with soil.

Then place 3-4 tubers on the soil(root side down) and cover them with approximately 2 more inches of soil.

And don’t stress. Cannas are hardy and even if the tuber is upside down, the shoots will turn and find their way to the surface!!!

Gently poor water over top until soil is moist but not floating in water.

Place buckets in a warm but dark part of your basement checking every few days to make sure the soil remains moist. And thats it!!!

They do not require any light at all until the leaves come out and uncurl.

I will share with you the progress ours have made in another tip of the day in a few weeks time!!!

This is a great way to save money on gardening.

Canna are not the cheapest thing to buy but if you harvest them in the fall and replant, they will give you years and years of beauty in your garden.

But be prepared, the tubers propagate every year and soon you will have more than you need and will be able to supply your neighbors as well!!!

(Yes these are actual pics of our Canna lillies)


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