GARDENING – 10 of the Best Smelling Plants

10 of the Best Smelling Plants for your Garden

So in a few weeks, once the snow is gone we can get into spring prepping of your garden. In the meantime, let’s talk about some of the most beautiful smelling plants and shrubs(all of which I have in my garden) that are sure to enhance your love affair with your flower garden….

1. DAPHNE…If you haven’t smelled daphne before, you are missing out.
This plant is a shrub with small white and pink flowers that are quite fragrant.
There are a few different species of daphne, so you want to be sure to get the fragrant daphne. The Eternal Fragrance Daphne is one that should bloom from Spring through the Fall.
2. WISTERIA….you need to be careful with wisteria near your house as it can cause damage if it grows into your gutters or siding!!!! However the incredible smell wafting through the air is unbelievable. It is possible to braid these vines and train it to grow in the formation of a tree.
3. HONEYSUCKLE….Honeysuckle is a vining plant with very unusual flowers. The most common one I have seen is yellow, pink and white flowers. Although there are some varieties where the flower is only one color, such as yellow. The scent of it is intoxicating and one of my personal faves!!
4. HYACINTHS….My husbands absolute favourite! These flowers are bulbs, so ideally they are planted in the fall.
They come in a variety of colors – blues/purples, pinks, and whites and the smell, especially in large groupings, is to die for.
5. ROSES…Anytime you are talking about good smelling flowers, roses need to be mentioned. Roses seem to be the most commonly known fragrant flower. There are many different varieties of roses, some prettier than others and some more fragrant as well.
6. GARDENIAS…Another one of my top favourites. One of the more well known fragrant flowers, gardenia is heavily scented. This beautiful shrub has bright green leaves and delightful white flowers when in bloom.
7. FREESIA…Did you know that freesias are bulbs? It’s not surprising. These beautiful flowers are quite fragrant and very elegant.They look beautiful lining the edge of a driveway or walkway!!
8. JASMINE…Real Jasmine is rather hard to grow in most parts of Canada however, as a houseplant it does very well and we move ours outside to the patio for the summer months. Again the fragrant blooms of this plant are unmistakable.
9. LILAC BUSH….This is my personal absolute favourite! Lilac bushes attract butterflies and have beautiful, clusters of flowers.There are many beautiful colors of lilac flowers, with purple or white the most common.These bushes are very hardy.We’ve cut them down to the ground and had it grow back very quickly.
10. PEONY…Another one of my top picks!! The Peony is a tuber and should bloom each year for up to 75+ years! They are low maintenance and do not like to be fertilized.
Some of these we have talked about before and others we have not however I hope by mentioning some in multiple lists it will help you to choose the ones that are right for your garden…

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