GARDENING – 10 Best Perennials for Canadian Gardens

10 Best Perennials for Canadian Gardens

The 10 best perennials to plant in your Canadian garden…A perennial is simply a plant that lives for many years. To save money on buying flowers each and every year that only live one season(Annuals) I have comprised this list of the 10 best perennials for most Canadian gardens!!
Remember, this is just a starting point and by no means are you limited to these….

1)ROSES bloom well in most Canadian climates, but specific varieties thrive better in certain locations. Be sure to ask an expert at your local nursery which strain will work best for you. Also be sure to watch for rust (an orange fungus) and blackspot (a disease that causes black splotches on leaves), both of which have a fondness for roses.

2)PEONIES! Plant these delicate blooms in full sun at the correct depth; Nixon suggests one to two inches below soil level. With proper care, peonies should flower for decades.

3)POPPIES thrive in cooler climates and go dormant around mid-summer. Nixon suggests scattering poppy seeds willy-nilly around the garden to fill in any spaces between larger plants.

4)IRIS Divide and plant irises between late July and late August to ready them for the following year. These flowers bloom in spring and last through early summer.

5)HYDRANGEAS These bulbous beauties come in many different colours — pink, purple, blue and chartreuse, to name a few. Come fall, chartreuse hydrangeas will begin to fade to white. To preserve their colour through the winter, cut off any lingering blooms in the fall, and bring them inside to dry.


6)DHALIAS will thrive year over year in most parts of Canada provided their tubers are dug up and stored indoors in the winter. To extend their blooming season, start growing dahlia tubers indoors around April, and plant them outside when the weather and soil warms up (around May)

7)*DAY LILLIES are an easy flower to grow as you already know and tolerate most soil conditions. Bonus: They produce tonnes of bright flowers*

8)FOXGLOVE seedlings can be planted right after purchase, or grown indoors starting in early spring. They should hit peak-bloom in late summer, and begin flowering again the following spring if you live in a warmer part of the country. However this plant only blooms every other year in most parts of Canada.

9)PURPLE CONE FLOWERS are easy to grow, even in poor soil conditions. And if you want your garden teeming with butterflies and bees, plant these!!!

10)LUPINES Some varieties of lupines thrive better as annuals, so check with your nursery before purchasing seedlings intended for a perennial garden. Lupines also favour cool summers, and seeds should be chipped or soaked before planting.

I have included pics of each of these plants for you to look at. As the growing season gets into full swing we will revisit the planting and care requirements for some of these as well!!
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Happy Gardening Everyone!!

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