Figuring out Cost per Unit


Figuring out the cost per unit, or bigger is not always better??

When i started my cost cutting journey, i bought into the notion that the larger the package, the better the value. Once i learned to calculate cost per unit, I soon found out that often smaller packages are a better bang for the buck. This weekend, i needed dog food. My furkids eat Purina One. I had a $4 coupon from my last bag of food, good on large bag only. I also printed 2 x $3.00 smartsource coupons through this group. The 3.6 kg bag was $13.62, while the 6.8 kg is $25.99. The 3$ coupon could be used on the smaller bag. So, using the cost per unit formula, price divided by unit, I came to understand the cost per unit on the smaller bags was better:

SMALL BAG: $13.62 – 3.00 COUPON = 10.62 ÷ 3.6 = 2.95 (cost per kilo, or unit)

LARGE BAG: $25.99 – 4.00 coupon = 21.99 ÷ 6.8 = 3.23 (cost per kilo, or unit)

So, even with a higher value coupon, it was still less expensive to buy 2 smaller bags.
I have used this trick for a while now and often end up saving on smaller packages, especially if i use “good on any size” coupons.

Toilet paper is probably the most complicated to figure out, so once i figure it out i stock up for months…its really a higher form of math?

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