Dryer Sheets: Great for So Much More Than Laundry!

Dryer sheets are found in almost every household, and they can be used for so much more than laundry! Check out this amazing list of uses to really stretch their value!


  1. wipe them on furniture, clothing and floors to catch pet hair

  2. tuck one in your vehicle for it to smell nice

  3. drop one in your dishwater to help remove stuck-on grease from your pots and pans

  4. keep them in drawers, closets and luggage to keep them (and their contents) smelling fresh

  5. rub one along shower doors to get rid of soap scum

  6. dust with a dryer sheet to help surfaces and blinds repel dust in the future

  7. wipe baseboards with one to also deter dust from settling on them

  8. dryer sheets will stave off stinky gym smells when tucked in gym bags

  9. stick one in your belt or pockets to help deter pesky mosquitos

  10. reduce static hair by sticking one on your brush or rubbing inside a hat to tame those flyaways

  11. rub dryer sheets sit inside your toilet bowl before scrubbing to get rid of hard water stains

  12. clean bugs off car grills easily with one

  1. tuck plenty inside trailers and seasonal buildings to avoid mice moving in

  2. rub thread with a sheet before sewing to avoid it tangling up

  3. wipe dry sand off skin quickly with one when you leave the beach

  4. stuff dryer sheets inside toilet paper tubes for a quick fire starter

  5. keep one in the bottom of garbage cans (especially diaper pails) to cut down on smells

  6. if you accidentally rub deodorant on your clothes, a sheet will take it right off

  7. replace your Swiffer pads with a dryer sheet instead for a cheap alternative

  8. lay one in the bottom of plant pots to keep the soil from falling out

  9. put a musty book in a sealed bag with one for a few days to remove the odour

  10. run an iron at low heat over a sheet until the grime is cleaned off of it

  11. rub over crayon marks on the wall to help remove them

  12. rub dull scissors over a used dryer sheet to sharpen it

  13. tuck them inside shoes to get rid of stinky feet

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