GARDENING – Daylilies – Hearty Perennials

Daylilies – Hearty Perennials for a Canadian Garden

Low Maintenance, Cost Effective, And Hardy Perennials For Any Canadian Garden….The DayLily(Hemerocallis)

So i have chosen to continue this series of how to save money in the garden with an introduction to what is(if i had to pick one)my favourite flowers to grow and to gaze upon in the garden.

The best things about the Daylily are that they are; easy to grow(equally great for beginners as for experienced gardeners) practically maintenance free, they will grow in any type of soil, they are equally fine in dry or wet conditions, do best in full sun but will also grow in the shade, they are deer resistant, each plant will produce many many blooms, and they self propagate with hardly any help at all!!!

With the number of varieties available, as well as the new additions every year, it would cost a fortune to be able to represent each and every one, not to mention many acres of land!!!

So then it becomes a personal preference based on colour and what appeals to you.

I have found that as far as growing and maintenance, there is very little difference between them all.

Placement in your garden will be the biggest factor in how they perform. If you aren’t happy this year, then simply transplant it to somewhere else for the following year and see how it goes. Its all very trial and error, based on what you want your garden to look like.

The biggest thing to remember is to plant the tallest growers towards the back, the medium tall around the middle and the short dwarf varieties belong at the front or border of the garden.

My BEST advice and what i myself did was to gather a few friends who are also fellow gardeners and all go together to the growers or nursery (This alone will save a huge amount of money over making purchases at commercial garden centers where prices are high and variety is limited)

Instead of purchasing twenty different varieties yourself, each of you buys 5 or 6, lowering the cost considerably, and in just a couple of short years you will be able to split your mature plants and share them with one another!!!

To plant them all u need to so is dig a hole approx. 1.5 times the size of the root structure, and drop it in, fill with soil and water liberally.

Nature will do the rest. The only thing left to do will be to split each plant every 3-4 years on average to give them space to continue growing and ensure an abundance of blooms.

Before long your yard as well as those of your neighbours will be bursting with these beautiful flowers!!!

You wont be disappointed!!!


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