Coupons – Reading the Fine Print

Coupons – Reading the Fine Print!
1. Photocopying Coupons/Reprinting Coupons
For those of you who don’t know, photocopying coupons is a crime. There is a huge fine if you’re caught photocopying coupons, not to mention that companies will start restricting coupons or stop issuing them because of abuse.
It states the punishment for copying right on most coupons.
2. There is NO overage on P&G coupons.
Please read all your coupons carefully. There are some people recently who have gotten overage on their Crest and other P&G products by buying over 100 products in one shop.
3. Combining P&G with CO51
It states that right on CO51’s site that this is not permitted. Always read the stipulations when claiming items on the cashback apps. Always follow what the claim allows.
4. When using a screenshot, the written part is the most important.
Not all retailers can put every picture of the product in a flyer ad, so sometimes the ad picture might not represent the exact item on sale but the wording, or write up with the ad should reflect the actual items on sale. Always go by the writing in the ad.

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