Chip Drop Free Mulch

It’s that time of year when people are spending time working on their backyards and gardens. Some might want some extra mulch. Mulch can be expensive if you need a lot of it.

This concept isn’t for everyone. If ChipDrop isn’t your vibe or you’re worried about 10 yards of chips in your yard, you can call local arborists and get on their lists—they’re always looking to offload chips as well.

ChipDrop is a service that connects gardeners with local tree companies to receive free wood chip mulch.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Gardeners: If you want wood chips for your garden, you can sign up for free on the ChipDrop website.

  2. Some local tree trimming services might offer free wood chips delivered to your location. Some will charge a small delivery fee.

  3. Arborists: Tree companies can also use ChipDrop to find cheap places to dispose of their wood chips and logs. The service costs $20 per drop for arborists2.

To check out ChipDrop, CLICK THE LINK HERE 

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