Checking out with the Right Cashier

Checking out with the Right Cashier!

This isn’t an easy subject to broach because we have a lot of good cashiers in this group, but checking out can be difficult and downright stressful at times depending on the cashier you get.

A knowledgeable cashier can make all the difference between a good experience and a bad one.
An inexperienced cashier has a hard time knowing how to deal with coupons.

There are cashiers who are in a bad mood, or just don’t want to see you get something they can’t get, or maybe just don’t like couponers.
Although it’s great to get an experienced cashier, it’s not always possible.

And, sometimes it’s hard to choose the right cashier.

It’s not right to choose the young, inexperienced cashiers to try and slip something by them.

It takes time to learn how to read coupons, and cashiers have plenty to keep an eye out for when people check out. They have to know as much as we do about coupons and then some. It’s not as easy as we think for some cashiers.

Whatever kind of cashier you get, it’s up to each of us to be prepared when checking out, having our ss ready (price matches), and all our coupons ready so we’re organized and don’t hold up the line.

Try to remain pleasant, friendly and calm if you get a cashier that starts getting wound up. It won’t help if you’re stressed as well.

And, if you’re right about something, stand your ground. Ask for a manager. Don’t let the cashier bully you or make up their own rules.

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