Carry your Coupons With You!

Carry Your Coupons with You!!

This one will save get you some great impromptu deals especially when you happen upon them by chance. You never know when you’ll come across a deal that you can use your coupons for, and no one wants to go home to get their coupons. Keep them in your car for convenience.

I just happened to be passing a clearance shelf in Zehrs, and I had my coupons with me I happened to get 13 containers of Pure Leaf Green Tea with Jasmine for free.
Because it was at Zehrs, the coupon was reduced to $1

I got enough of this kind of tea to share with family.
Regular price is $5.77 each at WM. I saved $75.01 on this tea by having my coupons with me.

Don’t leave your coupons at home!!!

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