Buy Now, Save Later on Gifts

Holidays and birthdays can be wonderful and memorable, but they can also come with a cost. Ease that stress by picking up items throughout the year, rather than in one large lump right before the occasion! You can use this method for gifts for all the holidays, birthdays, wedding and baby showers, and more. You can budget a small amount for each month to pick up a couple items to make it easier to afford.

If you’re looking for holiday items, the best time to save on anything that is specific to that holiday is right after it’s over! Once the holiday is done and stores are looking to clear out their seasonal stock, they’ll mark them down drastically and you can then scoop them up for a real bargain! It does mean that you’ll need to tuck them away for the year, but it’s the best way to pay just a fraction of the regular price for holiday items.

If you’re looking for non-holiday themed gifts, you can pick up fantastic ones all year round! You can pick up toiletries or small treats to make gift baskets for any occasions as you find them on sale (or even for free when matched with a coupon). You can get clothing for a fraction of the regular price as seasons change and stores want to make room for new styles. Toys are often marked down in mass clearance events as well. Be sure to always check clearance sections in your local stores as well, because almost anything in store can have the cost slashed due to being discontinued or even just package changes.

If you have kids, that usually means you need to buy several gifts through the year to send to birthday parties. When you see clearance in stores or when we post toy clearance sales online, take a look though to see what you can find for a great price! You can pick up a small selection for a fraction of the regular price, then keep them set aside until you need to wrap and give one away.

Once you’ve started collecting your gifts early, it’s a good idea to keep track of what you’ve bought and who they’re designated for. If you keep a list in a notebook or on your phone, you can make sure you get something for everyone but don’t overbuy for one person either. Don’t forget to also leave yourself a note on WHERE you’ve hidden them, in case you forget over the coming months!

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