Best Before Dates


A recent article was published about best before dates in Canada leading to massive amounts of food waste since we lack regulation on the ordering of numbers (dates) and the wording.

Best before is not the same as an expiry date; it simply means the quality of the food is best (fresher, chrunchier, etc) by that date. Other countries are starting to move towards wording that reduces food waste like “freeze by”. I love this idea! I have loads of Classico Alfredo sauce in jars approaching its best before; I’ll be freezing the sauce for use when needed.

I even recently tried to donate loads of cereal to my local food bank that had just passed its best before date and they wouldn’t take it 🙁 Rather than let it go to waste I’ve gotten in the habit of posting it to my local Freecycle group on Facebook or to a local moms group to distribute it that way.

Let’s do what we can go reduce food waste 🙂


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