Being Honest When Couponing


Being Honest When Couponing
When it comes to couponing, there are very few grey lines. Everyone knows the rules, and we all know the right and wrong ways of doing things.

When you’re first starting out it’s easy to make mistakes, and that’s okay. There is a lot to understand and deal with, but as you become more savvy with couponing, it’s not okay to do the wrong thing deliberately to get free or cheap products because it affects all of us in the end.

Some examples of doing the wrong thing are:
1. Using a pm outside of a flyer date.
2. Getting the wrong size product (usually a larger size) when pm’g a deal to try and get the most out of a deal.
3. Buying the wrong product, a variation of the product, or basically making the product ‘fit the Ss’ so you can get the product you would rather have.
4. Sending receipts to CO51 for items that you used coupons for, that clearly state ‘cannot be combined with coupons’.
5. Photocopying coupons! No No and No!! It’s illegal!!
6. Using U.S. coupons.
7. Getting overage on coupons that clearly state no overage.

There are so many ways to cheat the system. We don’t encourage it, and hope that most people will do the right thing. Even if the cashier is not aware of coupon policies or doesn’t check things properly, that’s not a green light to do the wrong thing.
Please try and do the right thing when couponing. It means a lot to all of us and will help us continue to be able to do this for many years to come.

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