Click And Collect – Try Online Grocery Shopping Free 

Click and Collect is Superstore’s latest in grocery convenience services. Online grocery Shopping is the new easier way to grab your groceries! 

Try Click and Collect FREE using code ‘TRYNOW’ 

Click and Collect is amazing! Have small kids at home? No time to shop? Working late? Sick in bed? Or just have more important things to do? 

No need to leave the house or the office simply select your items online or through the app and your personal shopper will hand select the freshest items and they’ll be ready for you when you pick up and loaded for you in your car!

But wait! We’re a savings site and with convenience like that it must cost a fortune! Think again!!

You can price match any items by using the contact us form. Just select CLICK AND COLLECT as the reason for contacting, PRODUCT INFORMATION/PRICING as your issue and HOW DO I MAKE AN AD MATCH REQUEST as your issue detail.

Using coupons? Simply tell the concierge when you arrive. 

Take advantage of the free Click and Collect trial Using code ‘TRYNOW’  and place your order before the offer expires December 31 2017. 

Register for your Superstore account here 

*Note click and collect is not available at all locations 

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