List of Hand Sanitizers by Government of Canada

CHECK HERE FOR A LIST OF HAND SANITIZERS DETAILS BY THE GOVERNMENT OF CANADA. This list is updated regularly so check back as often as you need to. CHECK HERE ALSO FOR A LIST OF RECALLED HAND SANITIZERS. Health Canada has a list of recently recalled hand sanitizers for using…

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Recall on Red Onions Imported From The US!!!

    On July 31 Health Canada recalled red onions imported from the US due to possible salmonella contamination.  Most of these onion were transported to the western part of Canada.  Many were shipped through Sysco! Please dispose of any products that may be contaminated.  Please click the following link…

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Recall Issued On Some Hand Sanitizers!!!!

    An recall has been issued on multiple brands of hand Sanitizer.  These products have been recalled for using an industrial grade ethanol in them.  This ingredient can cause damage to the skin and all sanitizers using this ingredient are not approved by Health Canada.   Click HERE for…

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