Pampers Rewards App Loyalty Program!! 

Pampers Rewards App is the new player in town.

And, turning diapers into rewards is easier than ever with this new #momhack from Pampers Canada!

Have you heard of Pampers Rewards?? #pampersrewards

It’s an amazing free loyalty program that has been available in Canada and the US for approximately 10 years!  It is available on the Pampers Canada Rewards website or through the brand new Pampers Rewards App, and they will reward you with 100 points just for downloading and signing up! #Pampersapp


You can download it on both Android and iPhone or easily use it on their website!  If you had the app before, be sure to download the new app here as the old one has been completely replaced! Once you’ve logged into the new app, all of your existing points will transfer.

You simply buy your Pampers products, which you’re of course already doing if you have kids, and submit the provided codes into the Pampers Canada Rewards website or through the Pampers Rewards App to start collecting points to redeem for amazing gifts!!! Why would you not?! #parenthacks


Watch this video on how it works!! 

Your Pampers codes are found on wipes and diapers packages. Once you are logged in they can be manually entered or easily scanned! Pampers keeps them stored for you and once you have accumulated enough you can redeem for amazing gifts, donate to great causes, order coupons or enter into some great sweepstakes! It’s so easy to accumulate points, I have already redeemed points for multiple $10 Pampers Coupons as well as toys! #pamperscanada


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