About Us

There are many household expenses that can’t be reduced, but saving on groceries is one way we can save money. By following this website, you will learn how to save money on your weekly grocery expenses and ultimately spend less, saving your family thousands of dollars a year.
On this website, we share the very best deals we find every week (screenshots of advertised sales), coupons, shopping hauls, information, tips to get you started, and guide you in your savings journey.

We are a group of experienced extreme couponers/savers who share their knowledge with those who wish to save money on their grocery and household expenses for their families. We also have a Facebook group where we interact and teach people how to coupon and save effectively. Many of our members can save upwards of $10,000 a year with frugal shopping practices and following our teachings and deals.

We expect everyone to take some time and familiarize themselves with how we post our deals, learn from our pages under the top banner under ‘Learning to Coupon’, and you will begin saving in no time.

We provide all the details to get the best deals including the store names and geographical location where applicable, including any coupons and cash back offers to enable you to save the most money possible on your weekly shopping.

We also post all the best household, clothing, and family deals we find which will help you save on those items in Canada.

Disclaimer: We do make a small percentage on some affiliate links when used.

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