5 Day Meal Plan for Feb 15-21, 2024

Here is a 5 day meal plan for the week of Feb 8-14, 2024.

This was an awesome week for meal planning. We’ve managed to set up 5 days of meals for under $40!

All items can be purchased at No Frills, but always try and price match what you can to save even more! (depends on your area).

This is just a guideline and everyone has their own dietary restrictions which only you know.

The normal cost of this 5 day meal plan would be $37.02 or $7.40 per dinner, unless you printed the $5 Swanson coupon in which case your 5 day meal plan would be $32.02 or $6.40 per meal (based on a 4 person family).

To get your $5 Swanson Dinner Entree coupon, CLICK THE LINK HERE !! Make your meal time planning as low as possible!

It also helps if you have any other coupons or points offers which will reduce your costs.

If you need the recipes for the pork, here they are below. Simply click the links and it will take you to the recipes for them.

Pulled Pork Recipe for sandwiches

Slow Cooked Roast Pork Recipe 



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